Lyrical Soul

  Everyone loves listening to music because it helps us cope with life. I find that whether I’m extremely happy or extremely sad..I listen to music. It helps me to deal with whatever is going on and it enhances my happiness.

It’s funny how you can like a song even if the lyrics are crappy but the melody is catchy and you cant help but to dance or tap your feet. Like if you were reading the lyrics like a book you wouldn’t want to read it anymore.

My mom is a Native American Singer and her lyrics are awesome and so is her voice. Her name is Star Nayea, you can goggle her. She has taught me how to appreciate the art of music and lyrics through her music. It bugs me sometimes to listen to a song with the worst lyrics in the whole world and see struggling musicians who are talented.

Who are some of your favorite musicians with real talent?

Anyway this blog is completely random and I just wanted to try out writing a song because I am a poet and I thought it might not be as different. This song was written for my dad and step-mom who is having a tough times in their relationship right now..which is weird cuz they are good together.

 Dare to Imagine

Dare to imagine

What your life would be

Without me

Do you see chaos

Or happiness

Because everyday

You feed me

With your selfishness


I won’t be here forever

You know

I might not live

Through the rest of the day

So tell me what it is

You see without me

I’m just your human sacrifice

So you can sit in your so called paradise

What about me

What about us

Don’t you see

I wont be here forever

You know

I might not live

Through the rest of the day

So tell me

What it is

You see without me

Don’t take me for granted

I want our love seed replanted

Because before all

Your motivation

There was me

And our love’s sensation

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  1. Melissa Crandall
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 16:03:39

    Re: Musicians
    I recommend Nanette Natal — terrific bluesy performer from NYC.
    Yeah, it is frustrating to see people with talent who don’t get recognized. All the more important to support indies — movies, music, writing.


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