This May my little girl turned 2. I am in the process of finding her a daycare but all the good daycares are full already. There is one daycare that is open but it got bad reviews. Should I check this place out and give them the benefit of the doubt or should I trust the bad reviews? I’d rather teach my daughter basic education myself rather than leave her in a bad environment. Not only do I have to worry about the teaching but also the way they treat my girl. I live in the South where there is a lot of racism against Native American and I’ve come across a lot of it. Its my job to protect my children from racism. She looks very Native and could possibly be mistaken for Mexican and there is alot of controversy with this ethnicity in the world today. So many things to worry about for  my baby… As a mom I want the best of the best and I know I can’t protect her from everything but I sure as hell will try. Here is a poem I wrote especially for my girl. It’s an Ode…my first attempt at an ode poem.

Ode to Toddlers

When I attempt

to change her diaper,

She tosses and turns.

My hand lands in her poo

and makes my stomach churn.

Right after I clean

the living room floor,

she pours out her toys

and hides by the front door.

I can’t get the marker stains

out of her shirt,

and in her pants pocket

is a clump of dirt.

She whines to feed herself

so I give her a spoon,

and the food is everywhere

like we’re in the middle

of a monsoon.

And just when I think

that I can’t handle any more,

she throws a huge fit

in the middle of the grocery store.

She has also given me memories

that I will never forget.

Having this child

I will never regret.

She wakes up in the morning

with her hair in her face,

hugs me and babbles

like she’s from outer space.

When she knows I’m mad at her

she kisses my cheek,

and meows like a cat;

makes me forget that

she’s such a little brat.

She dances to any sound

that makes a beat,

bobs her head

and stomps her feet.

She scrunches her nose

when she smiles.

 When she gets excited,

you can hear her scream

from miles.

She pretends to read

my school books,

and I can’t help but

stare at her beautiful looks.

It wasn’t until she was born

that I felt true love,

Creator gave me 

a precious life to be proud of.


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  1. Melissa Crandall
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 15:43:59

    That’s a great little ode to your daughter! I never had kids of my own, but I’ve helped raised nieces and nephews. She and my nephew Luke are cut from the same cloth.
    Makes me sad to think we still live in a world where we have to protect our children from racism. I don’t have time for it or any hatred. Life is too short, time is too precious.


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